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Sudokube is a small puzzle game about solving a sudoku puzzle mapped on the surface of a cube. Standard Sudoku rules apply, but the added dimension creates new tricks and challenges. Will you master this new rule set?

Demo Features
*Two Levels of Difficulty (Six in full game)
*Tutorial Mode
*Relaxing backgrounds and songs
*Giveway codes for chances to win copies of the game on Steamgifts (giveaways end Nov. 20th at noon EST)

Sudokube is on sale on Steam, so be sure to wishlist it or purchase it if you enjoyed the demo.

More information

Published 76 days ago
TagsCasual, Cozy, Relaxing, sudoku
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip and double click Sudokube.exe


Sudokube_SteamGifts.zip 25 MB


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Vastly improved just with the newly added support for numpad. I can actually take less than 10 hours to clear beginner now. On that note, your timer system is broken once you start a puzzle and leave. I've gotten for example, two hours added to my total time in a puzzle despite myself not having it open at all and I've made sure the program does quit properly.  Songs seem pleasant for the most part, there is one background song that has a screeching noise at the end that does kill the mood, so please remove that part. Include a sudoku ruleset/visual image exemplar in your ''How to play'' menu for newcomers, although I've played it in the past I had very little to go on and had to look it up online. Concerning what've discussed before on a seppuku level and it not being kid-friendly, you can always add it as add-on content or having to input a special key combination in a specific order to unlock it in the play menu and worry about a seppuku trend and consequences later. Found no other bugs and I don't exactly know of anything else to add as a suggestion to this simple puzzle game. With that, good luck achieving that kid-friendly demeanor and improving your game.

The timer system is working as intended, it's so that people won't be able to game the leaderboard by taking pictures of their puzzle and solving it outside of the game. As for the music, yeah I don't like that bit either and plan to replace it (it's royalty free so I can't modify it). I'm debating whether I want to do a 'How to Play' or a full-on tutorial. I'm leaning towards the latter since it'd be easier to re-translate.

Thanks for the feedback!